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It started out as a fresh idea between friends; a casual café in Hollywood that would utilize local and organic ingredients to create gourmet breakfast and lunch dishes at an affordable price. Friends and partners Kamil Majer and David Fris shared that dream, which ultimately became a reality in 2006 when the first Blu Jam Café opened its doors on Melrose Avenue.

Kamil and David, both whom emigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia, harkened back to their similar European heritage to create an environment that felt like home. Holding to the belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, they set out to build a creative and eclectic menu that merges flavors from around the world. “Breakfast should never be boring,” according to Kamil. “We should look forward to it when we wake up, and treat ourselves to the best food imaginable.”

The name Blu Jam was chosen to celebrate the history of the Melrose location, which had been an underground Jazz club where Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and countless greats once played. Today, the pictures of jazz and blues legends line the walls, and their unforgettable music still dances around the room as it did nearly half a century ago.

From a single restaurant built on the cornerstone of impeccable service with a personal touch, Blu Jam continues to grow. With the help of Jeff Shulem, who joined the team in 2013, brand new Blu Jam Cafés are opening in exciting locations. Jeff, an Ernst & Young CPA with M&A experience, brings not only accounting disciplines but also the creative marketing and PR skills to help take the Blu Jam brand to national and global markets.


Meet Kamil

“Picture a pyramid- the strongest part is the bottom. That’s how I look at breakfast.”

Chef/Owner Kamil Majer grew up in the town of Carlsbad, Czechoslovakia, and developed his strong passion for the culinary arts at a young age. Watching his mother in the kitchen, he remembers with distinction hand-picking fresh, local ingredients such as wild mushrooms, seasonal fruits, and just-laid eggs. “That’s where I learned that with great quality ingredients, you’re already winning.”

It’s been quite a journey from Eastern Europe to Los Angeles. Dropping out of Hotel and Business school in 1979, Kamil left his home to escape persecution and to create a better life for himself and his family. Following a harrowing escape that took him through Slovakia, Hungary, and Yugoslavia (where he waited in refugee camp,) Kamil finally crossed the Atlantic and landed in Boston, Massachusetts where he secured a job washing dishes at the acclaimed Colonnade Hotel. But Boston was never his final destination.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles in 1983, Kamil started out in the kitchens and dining rooms at the famed Century Plaza Hotel, and quickly worked his way up. The five-star experience he gained from the “White House of the West” led to even bigger and better opportunities, and it wasn’t long before Kamil was chosen to be part of the team tasked with opening The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. After opening The Biltmore downtown, and several high-end restaurants throughout Los Angeles, Kamil was given the opportunity to revamp the Vienna Cafe on Melrose Ave in 1995. That’s where his casual restaurant life began. “I have been fortunate to work with some great Chefs and some fantastic Maitre D’s so I observed and learned from the best!!”

Today, Kamil is involved in all the day-to-day operations at Blu Jam, and can regularly be found managing the kitchen and interacting with guests. He routinely conducts blind taste tests of items on the menu to make sure his customers are being treated to the best experience possible. “We have local produce delivered six days a week. There are no freezers. If I cannot pronounce an ingredient, I will neither use it nor will I eat it,” Kamil boasts proudly.

Kamil resides in Los Angeles with his lovely wife Ilona and their two adorable daughters. In his spare time (which he has less and less of as he continues to expand the Blu Jam brand) you’re likely to find him playing chess, enjoying a glass of fine wine, working on a new recipes while cooking at home or rooting hard for his beloved LA Kings or Manchester United!



How do I make a reservation at Blu Jam Café?
Unfortunately we do not accept reservations at Blu Jam Café.

Is Blu Jam Café dog friendly?
Our Sherman Oaks and Woodland Hills locations allow dogs on the front patios but our Hollywood location does not due to the size of our patio. Service dogs are exempt at any of our locations.

I’m interested in possibly shooting at one of your locations, is there a rental or location fee?
Yes. If you’d like to shoot after hours (6pm – 11pm), 7 days a week, there is a $200 hourly “Space Rental Fee” with a 4 hour minimum requirement PLUS an additional $30 hourly staffing fee to oversee your shoot (4 hour minimum). After the 4th hour, the “Space Rental Fee” is the same- $200 EACH additional hour PLUS $30 EACH additional hour staffing fee.
Full “Buyouts” are also available at any one of our locations. Email us at info@blujamcafe.com for additional info and our current rates.

I’m looking for a venue to host a 25-30 person birthday brunch. Would you be able to accommodate us?
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate private parties during business hours unless there is a full “Buyout”. We do offer our “Takeout Platters” menu that you may order from (pick-up or delivery available with a delivery fee). The complete menu is also available on our website under the “Large Platters” tab.

Do you offer offsite catering?
Blu Jam Café does not offer any offsite catering.


For any questions not answered here or additional information regarding Blu Jam Café, email us at info@blujamcafe.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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