Austrian Rieslings

How to beat the heat?

When the summer heat comes around I prefer to drink low alcohol Rosés from Provence, and crispy, dry Rieslings from Germany or Austria. The last thing you want to drink is a heavy, high-alcohol wine like a Zinfandel.

Below are some of my favorite producers from Austria. I just returned from this beautiful country and tasted many wines while there. I have to say that their Rieslings are outstanding and perfect companions to just about any meal. Austria is a well-respected wine region in Europe, but because of its small production, many of their wines don’t even get to travel abroad. If they do, we get lucky because they represent incredible value.

Austrian Rieslings
Prager Klaus is a great wine producer from Wachau wine region. Although a bit pricey, you will get a complexity and depth that is well worth the price. This wine will also improve with age.

Brundlmayer is wine I like for its freshness, brightness and crispness. Buchegger is another example of a fine, beautiful, sleek and refreshing Riesling from Austria.

Happy drinking 🙂

Chef Kamil

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