Beer List — Tasting & Notes

Beer has 4 main ingredients: Malted barley, yeast, hops, and water.

What is Malt? Malt is when barley is soaked with water and allowed to germinate. Once it starts, it’s halted by heat from roasting. More roasting will result in darker beer. There are hundreds of strains of yeasts, but the main ones are Lager yeast and Ale yeast. There are also many varieties of Hops like Golding, Fuggle, Chinook, and dozens upon dozens more.

Blu Jam Beers:

Pilsner Urquell 4.4% alcohol, 40 IBU

Sazz Hops, Urquell means “old, ancient source,” lager, needs cooler temperatures and needs lager yeast. Yeasty undertones but crisp and refreshing but it is full body that should not be paired with light food. Fatty steak, our Carbonara, Beef or pork goulash with gnocchis. Argentinean steak would go well with this beer. The nice balance of Moravian malt and Saaz hops makes it well balanced.

Anderson Valley, Eetah, IPA 7.5% alcohol, 100 IBU

Tropical flavors, nice bitterness and hoppy taste. Great with spicy foods, Migas, Tex Mex Tofu

Barley Forge Brewing Company, Mango Hefe 5.8% alcohol, 12 IBU

Fun, refreshing with fresh mango, perfect for hot days and with Maui French Toast, Pulled Pork slider with Tropical mango salsa.

Saint Archer Brewing Company 5.5% Alcohol, 40 IBU

This is a typical American Ale that is using Ale yeast. Well balanced but slightly hoppy! It’s crisp and taste lingers and its refreshing as well.  Steak hash and Argentine steak with go well with this beer. Our burgers pair well with this beer, as well.



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