Chicken Paprikash recipe

CHEF KAMIL CHICKEN PAPRIKASH RECIPE HISTORY: This dish is a staple of Czech cuisine, this is my version, simple and tasty! My mom made it a lot when I was little and now I am cooking it for my girls! My oldest daughter Danika just loves it and goes crazy when I make it!:):)

I usually make it with Elbow pasta but my mom used to make it with bread dumplings, they were totally awesome with it! I would make them here as well but I need a specific flour (not available in the USA) to be able to make these dumplings! It is a dish that screams comfort and as my saying goes, I love to cook but simplicity is the key to every dish, I believe you can make a great dish with less than 15 ingredients! Figure out what is the main focus of the dish and that is what you “lift” in the dish, whether it is a piece of awesome fish or vegetable, that should be the center of attention!


5 chicken drumsticks
2-3 table spoons of sweet Hungarian paprika
4 table spoons of butter
4 table spoons of olive oil
1 large onion (chopped)
4 table spoons of flour
2 cups of half and half
48 oz of chicken stock or vegetable stock
Salt to season
Macaroni pasta or Gnocchis


chickenpaprika1 In a large shallow pot melt the butter along with olive oil, get it hot (be careful so the hot butter/olive oil mixture doesn’t splash on you), carefully add the drumsticks and brown them on both sides.
chickenpaprika2 Once browned, add chopped onions, combine with the chicken and sauté for 5 minutes, stir with tongs or large spoon so onions and chicken don’t burn.
chickenpaprika3 Sprinkle onions and chicken with red paprika, stir more and watch.
chickenpaprika4 Once stirred, add chicken stock, lower the heat and simmer till chicken is done and liquid is slightly reduced…30-40 minutes.
Take chicken out, cover and let sit.

Meanwhile put flour and half and half in a mixing bowl and whisk the ingredients till paste is created, lower the heat and add this mixture into the pot, keep stirring with whisk, increase the heat and keep stirring, otherwise the heavy flour mixture will get to the bottom and will burn and will destroy the whole dish! NO BUENO!! Don’t be afraid if you see “chunks” of the mixture, the next step will fix it!

After 10 minutes of stirring, cooking and incorporating this flour mixture into the dish to make it thicker, we turn the heat off, get a large bowl with a fine strainer over it so it sits on the edges firmly! Pour the mixture into the strainer and stir with whisk, almost as if you are trying to “squeeze” this thick sauce through the strainer. Once no liquid is left in the strainer, you should have a nice thick, light brown, delicious liquid in the bowl! Discard all that is left in the strainer. A lot of the flavor of this very satisfying sauce comes from the chicken stock, simmering of the drumsticks and onions!

You can plate this by putting cooked Elbow pasta on the plate, set one drumstick on the top, and ladle sauce over the chicken, decorate with some fresh chives or parsley and enjoy! I pull the chicken for my girls because they are “picky” and I mix the pulled meat with the pasta and sauce so they don’t see it! LMAO

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