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I believe most people who don’t cook think cooking is difficult, or for people who do cook and want to elevate their technique, that they feel like they have to go to school to become a chef. For some people, that is an option, but for many, just a few simple adjustments can really take your kitchen game to the next level. Please enjoy some of these tips that anyone can implement and not have to spend a lot of money or time.


  • When cooking with wine, cook with wine you also like to drink. Bad wine will make a bad sauce.
  • When poaching eggs, add little vinegar. It helps the egg whites get firmer faster, and the vinegar keeps it all together.
  • When I create recipes for Blu Jam or private parties I keep number of ingredients for that recipe under 15. Sometimes the simplest dish can be the most flavorful.
  • When you taste too much sugar or salt in a meal at restaurants, they are usually try to hide something. You don’t need to over-salt your food. In case you do over salt a soup, for example, add one large, peeled russet potato and let cook unitl soft. the potato will suck up most of the salt. After the potato gets soft, but before it falls apart, take it out and throw it away.
  • When scrambling eggs, do it on low heat and mix often to release proteins that create the desired creaminess.You should  never need to add milk or cream unless you’re making Gordon Ramsay’s crème fraîche scrambled eggs.
  • I’m not vegan but I like my soups vegan, so when I make them I add russet potatoes to make them creamy and starchy, Then I purée the whole soup.
  • Always start with the best possible ingredients and rest will be much easier. The best quality meats, vegetables, oils, and herbs you can afford will go a long way.
  • When I cook burgers at home or at Blu Jam, I poke a little hole in the middle of the patty so the burger will not shrink.
  • When baking chicken, use quarters of yellow onions and big pieces of carrots under it. This creates space under the chicken for even heat, and it also helps make nice and crisp skin and vegetables, which get very flavorful from the chicken drippings.
  • I never drink wine unless I am with someone else or alone. 🙂
  • When I go shopping, I read labels a lot, chicken can be raised here in the USA but packaged in China?? No thank you!
  • When I go out I support the “little guys.” Big chains don’t need my hard-earned money, but the little shops do.
  • Don’t be afraid of screw tops on wine bottles. 95% of all wines purchased are drank within 6 month.
  • 3 most important ingredients in the kitchen:
    • Really great olive oil— invest in it, it will go long way. Sprinkle it on salad, meats, veggies, fish or pasta, or use as a dip for bread.
    •  Great quality unsalted butter.
    • Fresh herbs. I am lucky to have a herb garden with all the important herbs, from basil, thyme to tarragon and sage. If you don’t have garden use a window and buy basil plant, thyme plant, rosemary, sage, and oregano and you are all set. You will save a lot of money, as well. How often did you go to store for fresh basil just to cook your favorite pasta and tomato basil sauce? You use only a few leaves and the rest gets brown in a few days and gets thrown away. $3 gone, and it will add up throughout the year! The plants may not last all year but you will get much more use out of them.

Happy Cooking!
Chef Kamil


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