How to Make a Great Risotto [ VIDEO ]

Chef, Chef Kamil, Los Angeles, Blu Jam Cafe, best breakfast, breakfast, los angeles, coffee, best coffee, bak, grilled cheeseMaking risotto is a labor of love and should not be rushed. Start with great Rice— the one in the photo is one of my favorites. This is the best rice from the Piemonte region in Italy, where I visited in 2015.
Risotto making needs your attention. Add hot stock in small doses— you can always add more liquid but you can’t it take out.
Sliced onions and chopped garlic is a must for starters, as well as great extra virgin olive oil and unsalted butter.
But be careful with choosing your olive oil. There has been a wave of counterfeit olive oil being sold, and by big brands you would not expect.
Also, use only good quality wine for cooking (and for drinking). In fact, as a general rule, always use the best ingredients you can afford to elevate your cooking. A low-quality or bad wine will create a bad sauce or flavor. So definitely use a higher-end wine, especially for risotto.
The two videos below will help get you started on your risotto skills. Risotto is difficult, but it’s worth it when you can make a good one.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time. Practice makes perfect.
Bon Apetit!
Chef Kamil
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