Irene: The Woman Behind Blu Jam Café

To say there is only one woman behind Blu Jam Café would be remiss. First, without the support of my amazing wife— especially in the early days— there would be no Blu Jam Café. Not to mention all the wonderful and talented women that are on staff at each location and in the corporate office.

But there is one woman, in particular, that deserves a special nod, and that is Irene Adepoju.

Born in Nigeria, Irene’s family moved to the US and settled in the Maryland/Washington DC area. She began working in the hospitality field since at 16, then moved to NYC after graduating from college. She lived there for a few years then moved to LA in 2008.

Irene began working at Blu Jam Cafe in 2010 as a Server at the original Melrose Avenue location. Her attention to detail, her intelligence, and her wonderful disposition were the reasons why she got promoted to Assistant Manager, then General Manager, and finally the Corporate Manager in the corporate office.

Irene is heavily involved in the operations and growth of Blu Jam Café, having helped open three new locations last year alone. She’s got an incredible work ethic, and is grace under pressure. Irene is also warm, funny, and a fantastic people person.

Some of her favorites Blu Jam dishes include the Spicy Tex Mex Tofu Hash (right amount of spicy, balance of textures and flavorful), Quinoa Breakfast Bowl (so good!), and the El Paso Sandwich (love the flavors in our braised chicken!).

Irene loves red wine (Pinot Noir specifically), trying new restaurants, a good book and hiking. She is an incredible asset to the Blu Jam Family, and a great friend.

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