Melville Winery & Lessons From Dad

Melville Winery is tucked away between the PCH and the 101 on the coast of Santa Barbara wine country along the 246. Melville is one of my favorite wines, and my wife’s, as well. We met the Chad and his father while we were there, and my wife picked grapes at their vineyard. It’s a hard job, but fun. After hard work like that, you appreciate wine even more! Please enjoy this blog post written by Chad Melville about his resolutions for 2017.

Resolutions – Melville Winery

Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life have been from my dad. This might surprise people who know us both because we’re very different people. When I was younger, I found our differences very challenging. Here I was, a surfer raised in Laguna Beach to some degree of privilege, standing in the shadow …

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