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I always think about how to improve our guests’ experiences by using better ingredients, new service ideas, exploring new recipes, and keeping the restaurants nice, clean, and organized while maintaining that neighborhood feel.

I learn a lot from my fellow chefs and restaurateurs, so thank you to them!

Going out with friends or on date nights with my sexy wife, I always look around, pay attention to details, looking for ideas about how I can do better at Blu Jam Cafés.

A few years ago me and my wife went out for dinner to the two Michelin Star restaurant, Melisse, in Santa Monica. Dinner was awesome, service was great, and then came coffee service. It changed my life, and i knew I wanted to take the Blu Jam Café guest experience to a different level!

The single-origin coffee came in these beautiful Austrian French Presses and it tasted like a million dollars. It was truly incredible!

I did not know how much they cost but I knew I wanted to have them at Blu Jam Cafés to share this wonderful coffee experience with everyone.

This was 3 years ago, and I never looked back. We didn’t have the money to buy too many of these French Presses. They were $60 apiece, but I knew it was worth the test. These became so popular that I bought more and more, and then I realized we got our money back in less than 2 months.

I also source coffee from the best coffee plantations in the world, so that helps a lot, but this high-end, ultimate-quality French Press is the real hero, so thank you, Melisse.

The guests are happy, it’s easier for my staff to serve, it’s better-tasting, and the press looks like a piece of art.

Life lesson— don’t be too afraid and don’t be too cheap!

I have found that the middle road is usually the best way to go in life, although sometimes you have to go a bit crazy and take some risks to maximize your rewards. That’s my opinion, anyway! :):)

We are not at Melisse’s two Michelin Star status, but here at Blu Jam Café, we sure try to be the best we can be!

Chef Kamil

2017-04-25T10:25:51-07:00April 25th, 2017|Blog, coffee|
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