My Mother, My Inspiration

I have great memories of my Mom, who was my best friend, mentor, and overall just an wonderful, loving mother. She is the one who put that “bug” inside me when it comes to cooking and entertaining. When I was young, even simple get-togethers at our house would become a gourmet affair with tea sandwiches and spreads of hams and pickled vegetables.

Mother's Day, Blu Jam Cafe, best breakfast, breakfast, los angeles, coffee, best coffeeI recall when she would cook,the whole house smelled like a food fair. Her soups were to die for, her dumplings were like clouds— they were made out of bread and she would stuff them with bacon, then steam them. Boy, I could eat 15 of them! Just wow! And a  little house made sour kraut and then we we’re in the business.

My chicken soup is very good and so is my baked chicken but still not like mom’s. I remembered when my dad,my uncles, and me used to go to forest to pick fresh mushrooms, we would bring them home and my mom would make this incredible scramble with them— fresh eggs, sautéed mushrooms in butter, (we always found porcini, chanterelles and others)—she would sauté onions as well, scramble everything with a little white cheese, fresh green onion on top and crusty bread. That made me happy.

One thing I remember clearly, my mom always arranged plates like  we would be serving meals for Michelin star inspectors. That’s one of the reasons I am so keen on the presentation of my food, because you always eat with your eyes first. My mim is real reason where I am today when it comes to culinary world. I owe it all to her,

I am happily married now and my wife is an incredible Mom to our two daughters.  She is my best friend! Moms are special and I want to say thank you to mine and my wife for being the best moms I know.

Growing up, crepes filled with homemade strawberry jam were my favorite, so this Mother’s Day I will make them for all of you Moms when you come to visit any Blu Jam Café.

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