New ART! Photographs by Jordan Ancel

Since the age of 17, Jordan Ancel has been taking pictures. And back then, there were no digital cameras or iPhones. He didn’t exactly make glass negatives in the back of an enclosed wooden cart, but growing up on film— limited to 36 exposures on each roll of 35mm or 12 on shots on 120mm film— he trained his eye to compose each shot, rather than just click away and hope to get something good.

Although the majority of Jordan’s work focuses on people— from his fashion photography, editorial, commercial advertising & marketing, and street photography— he also tries to find the beauty in the objects around him, from the stunning scenery throughout the world, to the mundane that one would normally pass by without a second thought. He just loves taking pictures.

This un-themed collection represents a select assortment of pieces from travels near and far, and all are part of larger upcoming exhibits of Fiji, New Zealand, and Street Life.

Consider this a small-plate tasting service of a bigger meal, and Blu Jam Café is the perfect venue to whet your palate..

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