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The Reasons Why We No Longer Provide To-Go Orders


– presentation and taste suffer due to certain items not being “to-go” friendly (i.e. Benedicts)
– better quality control with dine-in orders, issues can be more readily fixed with dine-in versus “to go”
– we make everything to order


– majority of “to go” orders are made during peak hours (10 – 2) when we’re already at  dine-in capacity
– each additional “to-go” order is like adding an additional table (when we’re already at capacity)
– ideal ticket time for all dine-in orders is 15-20 minutes. We simply will not be able to maintain this time frame during peak hours if we’re also doing “to-go” orders. This is a MAJOR factor.


– separate containers needed for salads, sides and condiments (i.e. ketchup, dressing, toast)
– dine-in orders can be done on a single plate, “to go” orders require more than one container


– often guests ask for each item to be individually labeled which is more difficult to do during peak hours
– Baristas often get tied up on the phone with questions/modifications and ringing up orders in POS
– affects Baristas being able to make drinks for dine-in guests in a timely manner
Take Out Platters orders are placed online and doesn’t affect the Barista
– having a separate person handling “to-go” does not eliminate the other reasons listed above

The majority of locations have had to decline orders as they are placed during peak hours so there is a lack of CONSISTENCY. One day we are able, another day we are not. This leads to confusion and frustration for our guests. Even with a 5 order maximum, we cannot always accommodate orders, or guests place separate orders (i.e. two 5 item orders) and want them ready at the same time.

We have also tried a condensed “to-go” menu and this hasn’t been successful (guests often want to order items not on this menu).

Take Out Platters are always available (we can always do them— no matter if it’s during peak hours or not, packaging is easier and it is not as labor intensive).

They are available 7 days a week during business hours- we also offer delivery (starting at 8am) or guests can pick them up.

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