Old World Scramble

This is one of my favorite dishes ever! It brings me back to childhood in an instant!

When I was a little boy my dad and uncles would take me to forest to pick mushrooms— what a fun that was! When we had enough, we would bring them back home to my mom and she would pickle some of them and dry some of them.

Then she would make a breakfast by heating up a non-stick pan and melting unsalted butter. She would then add sliced yellow onions, sautéing them until golden, then add chopped mushrooms.

We like to use chanterelles, but you can use any variety.

Scramble the mushroom with onions, add fresh eggs, and season with salt and pepper. Scramble all ingredients together so they are nicely incorporated. Add mozzarella cheese, mix together and plate, sprinkling with fresh chives. Serve with rustic bread.

Enjoy, because I always do!

Great food doesn’t have to be complicated! Watch the video below.

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