Everything’s Peachy in August


It’s that time of the year when trees are full of peaches, so let’s have fun with them. I love them just the way they are— eating them fresh from a local farmer’s market— but making jams, chutneys, and meals from them is even more fun. I love peaches with buratta cheese, a little bit of great-quality balsamic sprinkled over them with a sprig of fresh mint and you have a nice, simple starter.

I sometimes cut the peaches into small wedges and grill them to create a charred flavor that adds nice depth to the whole dish. I like to sprinkle fresh mint all over them, but fresh basil works as well.

Another fun thing to do is to wrap the peach wedges in a cured meat, like Serrano ham, Prosciutto, or Speck. These are bite-size delights that will bring you joy and appreciation from your friends at your next dinner party. Just lay the meat flat, sprinkle fresh mint and roll up a small peach wedge into it like a little fruity-salty “burrito”.

Bon Apetite!
Chef Kamil

2017-11-01T10:36:50-07:00August 7th, 2017|Blog, Recipes|
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