Teaching Kids About Food

If you know me or have been following me, you know that I love two things: family and food!

You also know that I believe if I can’t pronounce an ingredient, I won’t cook with it. I love shopping at Farmers Markets because seeing the food, knowing where it comes from and the process it goes through is a great way to make better, healthier choices.

I also love taking my daughters with me so they can learn about food, the properties and benefits of each ingredient, and how to select “good” items. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with them.

Afterward, we often spend time in the kitchen together. They help me prep and even cook some things.

Kids— and people, in general— are inundated with images and advertising for unhealthy consumables, like soda, fast food, and sugary candies and desserts, that giving them a hands-on learning experience by talking to the farmers at theses markets and tasting the food is invaluable.

Teaching kids about food and healthy choices at an early age is so important so they can begin to understand the significance of health and wellness. This will help them lead healthy lives.

I try to make this sort of thing enjoyable for them so they look forward to learning more.

~Chef Kamil

2018-02-07T18:30:23+00:00February 7th, 2018|Blog|
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