Breakfast Quinoa Bowl: A Healthy and Delicious Recipe

When I started to make quinoa at home, I realized what a great ingredient it truly is and how many health benefits it has, so I really wanted to incorporate organic quinoa into our menu menu at all Blu Jam Café locations.This dish was one of the most popular among staff, and it truly is an awesome breakfast dish.

If you like oatmeal or granola, this is yet another option for you! You will like this not only for the taste, but for all the health benefits you get from it. Quinoa is truly a “power house” ingredient and another, better option instead of breakfast
cereal or oatmeal!

Red Organic Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
3 oz of purified water
5oz of Organic red quinoa cooked
2oz of fresh strawberries, minced
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1oz real maple syrup
1/4 oz shredded coconut
1/4 oz roasted almonds
1/4 oz dried cranberries

In a shallow pot heat up water, add quinoa and cook for 4 minutes, add
cinnamon and maple stirring it occasionally, once cooked, put in a bowl and top
with fresh strawberries, coconut, dried cranberries and roasted almonds!

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