Spanish Shrimp Recipe

5 shrimps
2 slices of ciabbatta
1/2 teaspoon of capers
Pinch of finely chopped garlic
2  wedges of lime
1 teaspoon of extra virgin Spanish olive oil
1 teaspoon of fresh minced chives
1 table spoon of wild organic honey
1 table spoon of sweet sherry wine
1 table spoon of soft butter

Heat up a pan  (do not use non stick pan )

Heavy sautéed pan.. With a olive oil  and shrimp, when the shrimp
Is slightly browned add garlic, do not burn the garlic, when it is golden , add capers and honey, mixed together, add sherry and reduce!! Squeeze the lime and throw in the pan, tossed and mixed, take off the heat and add butter and stir till it becomes creamy!

Please make sure you follow the steps exactly otherwise it will not come out right!! If you put the limes early it will be bitter.. If you put garlic first the whole dish will be ruined!

You  can always get the original version at Blu jam !

Have  fun cooking and remember never cook with wine you wouldn’t drink! Bon appetite!


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