Stolpman, Syrah, Santa Ynez, 2008

Stolpman, Syrah, Santa Ynez, 2008.  Score 16

This Syrah is just a great wine with bright berry tones, sweet cherry and firm tannins which in my opinion will help this wine to age just fine!! Has a nice crisp and long finish!
Usually I like to pair wines with the food from the same region so when I think of Syrah ..

I think of Game, duck, steaks, wild turkey with some nice fruit-syrah sauce, grilled sausages, BBQ ribs.. Just to name few!

Where do you get this wine? My favorite Wine store K&L on Vine Street, and tell them that I sent you!

Also I am scoring all the wines!!  1 – 20 … 20 being the best score and  that means the wine is perfect!!!.

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