Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am here to help you with your wine choices!

First of all these are just recommendations based on my trials and errors for last 30 plus years!:):)
I still say drink whatever you like to drink BUT don’t be afraid to experiment! My opinions are just that, opinions but because of me being in the hospitality business for a while now and having had the opportunity to experiment with different kinds of combinations, I came to certain conclusions. One is that oaky, buttery chardonnay is not a match for a Thanksgiving table due to the enormous varieties of foods being served from gravy to cranberry sauce which at times can be acidic, IT WILL “KILL” your chardonnay!

During many past Thanksgiving I have come to the conclusion that best wines are the following.

Pinot Noir and Grenache based wines are the best friends for a Thanksgiving feast, similar wine tasting notes in these two above mentioned varieties can be found in the foods of a Thanksgiving table!
On the lower end price I recommend
1- Hahn Pinot Noir 2014, Santa Lucia Highlands $15
2-Jules Taylor, Pinot Noir, Marlborough, $19
Best deals on Pinot Noir, New Zealand, Chile, California or Oregon It is hard to find a great Pinot Noir under $20 just to be clear here! Difficult grape to grow, very finicky!! Walter Hansel does great Pinot Noir around $30 to $40 so does my to go-to Pinot Noir “Melville” estate from Santa Barbara (under $30).
If you live in California, I beg you to buy local so we can keep the money in our beautiful state! Santa Barbara county has many great Pinot Noir to choose from!

My go-to white wine for Thanksgiving dinner is Medium dry Riesling from Germany. Best producers are Joh. Jos. Prum and Fritz Haag! Dry riesling from Alsace region of France is a better choice! The best producers in Alsace are Trimbach and Hugel and you can get some of their wines for under $20…K&L wine merchants on Vine street in Hollywood is the place to go! Hope your Thanksgiving will be a great one and these above wine recommendations will make it easier for you to plan that perfect dinner!

My favorite quote: “I never drink wine unless I am alone or with someone else!!”

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