Thanksgiving Wine Recommendations

melville, wine, wine tasting, santa barbara, chef kamil, blu jam cafe, best breakfast los angeles, breakfastMy favorite Holiday is around the corner, no gifts, no pressure…well just a little bit. I have to make all the food, but it’s time to be with family and friends and share great meal together along with some amazing wine.

When I think of Thanksgiving, I am picturing table full of side dishes, sauces, stuffings, and of course Turkey! With all the variety, so it’s hard to pick one wine to recommend. I usually go with one red and one white just to be on there safe side.

I like to pair thanksgiving with Pinot Noir for the red and I like to bring out a nice Viognier or medium dry Riesling from Alsace region for the white. I really think these wines go well with the earthy ?avors of Turkey and stuffing.

My stuffing is made with mushrooms, so Pinot is a great choice. Viognier goes well with Butternut Squash and many other side dishes.

Wine pairing is a very personal thing but when you get it right there is nothing better when it comes to dining. It’s all about balance and chemistry.

Grenache is another red option, but I prefer Pinot Noir.

My favorite Pinot producers are Melville from Santa Barbara County. TWR from New Zealand is another great option and both wines are under $25 for quality Pinot Noir, which is a great deal.

As far as Viognier goes, I love Zaca Mesa Viognier from Santa Barbara County. IT IS TO DIE FOR! Alban from Central Coast is producing awesome Viognier, as well. Hope this helps. Happy Thanksgiving.

Chef Kamil

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