The Duke of Blu Jam and the Birth of “Tom’s Granola”

Tom Shell had a huge influence on me, the people around him including my family, and of course, BLU JAM CAFÉ.
He would come to the Melrose Blu Jam Cafe on daily basis, sat at his table— literally his table— which had his name engraved on a plaque above the booth, and started conversations with guests around him. Most of the time they all end up being his friends ! We called him the Duke of Blu Jam. I truly believe he alone was responsible for creating hundreds of regulars who still come to the restaurant. We will forever leave his name written on his table and his bench on table #3.

What is Tom’s Granola?  Simple, really. Years ago, he pushed me to start making my own granola from scratch instead of buying it from somewhere else. He took me to a breakfast place that was famous for their granola and it tasted amazing.

I was convinced that was the ONLY way to go from then on. Tom started the whole “from scratch” movement at all Blu Jam, so to speak.

We make all of own condiments and jams, except for hot sauce, and I must thank Tom not only for believing in me all those early years, but for pushing me to be better.

Love you buddy, always. You’ll be in my heart, and you are missed by a lot of people.

Chef Kamil

Tom Shell

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