Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu

Tuscany bowl-buratta/tomato/olives/grapes/basil/olive oil/herb croutons/micro greens 10
White asparagus-herb bread crumbs/sunny up egg/lemon-chive oil 9
Weiser farm beets-grapes/gorgonzola/candied walnuts/micro greens/balsamic 10
Burrata & strawberries-grilled bread/micro greens/reduced balsamic 10
Mushroom risotto– mushrooms /black truffle oil /parmesan/parsley 12
Broccolini -lemon/olive oil/chili/ginger/garlic 7
Rodoni farm Brussels sprouts-black currants/candied walnuts/balsamic 7
Sautéed okra-roasted tomato-cumin sauce/capers/olives/chipotle 7
Zucchini carpaccio-shaved charred zucchini/lemon-mint infused olive oil/parmesan 6
Scallop carpaccio-micro greens/Pebre/minced jalapenos 9
Shrimp ceviche-chipotle aioli/crispy corn tortillas 10
Lobster risotto-main lobster/green peas/tarragon/chives 18
Ahi tuna tartar-apple/ginger/mint/crispy corn tortillas 12
Barramundi-Australian sea bass/mushroom risotto/tomatoes/lime/basil 13
Seared sushi grade Ahi-tomato risotto/chorizo/olives/capers/lemon gremolata 15
Spanish shrimp-capers/honey/sherry/lime/grilled bread/chives 11
Sautéed jumbo scallops-green pea risotto/parsley sauce/charred Meyer lemon 15
Czech paprikas– braised chicken /red paprika-cream sauce/macaroni/chives 11
Chicken “Tingas”-pulled chicken/tomato/braised onion/cilantro/chipotle/feta/corn tortillas 10
Grilled bockwurst –grilled German pork sausage/chive-mashed potatoes/beer “gravy” 9
Baby back ribs-mashed potatoes/caramelized onions/orange BBQ sauce 14
Mac and cheese-black truffle oil/Niman ranch bacon/chives 11
Beef goulash-macaroni/beer-red wine paprika “gravy” 12
Surf & turf-seared beef tenderloin/shrimp-chive mashed potatoes/tarragon-Cajun butter 17
Herb crusted lamb-black currant couscous/mint-pesto oil/fruit-chili chutney 15
Main lobster & shrimp bisque…. for two 14

Tres leches-fresh seasonal fruit 7
Petite Vesuvius-vanilla ice cream/whipped cream 7
Berry cobbler-vanilla ice cream/whipped cream 7
French apple tart-mint/whipped cream/vanilla ice cream 7.

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