I love fennel for it’s aromatic qualities and it’s beautiful flowers that I use for decoration and to add layers to my recipes.
Fennel is a plant species of carrot family and it is hardy, anise like flavors. It is used widely used in Mediterranean cuisines but it is also used as one of primary ingredients of absinthe…I guess that is why I like it so much:):)
I use fennel bulb in stews or I shave it and use it in salad. Fruits and fennel compliment each other very well. Soups gain more complexity when you add fennel to them and seafood mainly whitefish and lobster. I love fennel butter with lobster, don’t you??
But I have to tell you that my favorite part of fennel plant is “fennel flowers”…they are intense and beautiful and add so much to any plate of food. Another great use for fennel flowers is one of my favorite vinaigrette’s…Olive oil, lemon juice, fresh fennel flowers, touch of red wine vinegar, touch of honey or maple syrup to adjust the acidity and lemon rind for depth. Perfect for beet and goat cheese salad or any salad you feel like. It is all up to you.
I have used fennel in breakfast dishes for Blu Jam Cafe specials along with avocado and it worked out really well.
Bon Apetite and remember “quality over quantity”

Chef Kamil