12-16 small organic baby carrots, if possible multicolored ones
1 cup of plain Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon of sesame seeds
1 teaspoon of fresh minced mint 1 tablespoon of wild honey
1 teaspoon of dry chipotle
1 teaspoon of dry cumin
1 teaspoon of fresh minced shallots
fresh ground 5 peppercorns
brown sugar
1 table spoon of fresh chives, minced


Clean the carrots, leave the green part of the stalk on and steam them till half done. Remove. Meanwhile prepare baking sheet with parchment paper, layout in single rows, brush with olive oil, season with salt and brown sugar! Set the oven to 325F, 15 minutes then flip carrots over. They should be nice and brown and repeat. Meanwhile put yogurt, sesame seeds, mint, honey, chipotle, cumin and shallots in your food processor or mixer and blend all together! Take out carrots, lay them on a large white platter, spoon the yogurt on top and sprinkle with fresh chives and some fresh ground 5 peppercorns, season with salt if needed or more fresh pepper! Great little side dish for dinner and very colorful one! BON APPETIT !