Most of wines you buy are actually a blend of different clones. What are clones you may ask?
Some of the characteristics that make clones different is berry and cluster size, color, flavor and aroma as well as resistance to cold or heat.
Each grape variety has clones with different flavor profiles that winemakers using to their advantage when they blend their wines.
Pinot Noir grape alone has around 1000 clones but if you know the 7 main ones you will be just fine.
Bellow are some of the most known and popular Pinot Noir clones:
1. Dijon clone 113 that has a lot of tannins and displays dark fruit like cherry and plums.
2. Dijon clone 114 has more aroma and spice and less tannins.
3. Dijon clone 115 is well rounded with very little.
4. Dijon clone 777 which is velvety and full bodied with berry flavors.
5. Pommard clone 5 is earthy with flavor profiles of forest floor, mushrooms and spice.

Another wine grape variety with many clones is Syrah. Clone 174 is tannic but balanced and fruity. Character of clone 877 is totally opposite, smoky and meaty. Estrella clone is rich with jammy fruit and clone 99 is picked later and has big clusters and intense fruit.
If you never blended wines please do because it’s so much fun. I was lucky that I had a chance to blend wines for Blu Jam Cafes and the experience made me appreciate wine and how much work goes into each bottle even more.

Chef Kamil…lover of food and wine