Michelin Guide

I am supper excited that Michelin Guide will be coming out soon for Los Angeles so I have decided to predict which restaurants will get awarded Michelin Stars and how many. I have been lucky and privileged in my life to dine in many 3 Michelin restaurants as well as tons of other Michelin stars rated establishments so I can’t wait how LA restaurants will fare in eyes of Michelin guide inspectors. It’s about time LA gets its own guide (missing since 2009) because we have tons of Michelin worth “spots” in the city of Angels. At least that is how I feel. My list includes restaurants that I have visited and sometimes on several occasions and if you don’t see “your” favorite ones don’t get upset with me please:):) I either have not been there or don’t think they deserve one in my humble opinion.

Michelin Guide history is pretty cool as well, yes Michelin still makes tires and around 1900s started to make road atlases where they would mention restaurants that you should visit along your drive.

At that time one star meant the particular restaurant was worthy of a stop along the way, two stars meant it was worth a detour and three stars that you ought to make a special journey to visit.

Kind of fun, it has changed due to our world connectivity because of our technology but the core stays the same. It is all about food, I always thought service, decor played a big part but I was wrong. It is all about the food. Restaurant to go from one Michelin star to two Michelin will get four visit from inspectors and two Michelin Star restaurant to go to three Michelin will get ten visit!!! Talking about pressure here. Glad I don’t have to worry about it being only day time, breakfast place.

Kamil’s Guide

Three Star Michelin Restaurants 
N/ Naka
Two Star Michelin Restaurants 
Sushi Ginza Onodera
One Star Michelin Restaurants
The Bazzar
Little Sister
Osteria Mozza
Tar & Roses