Blu Jam Café to Open Downtown

There are those people who have a particular foodstuff they adore – avocados, strawberries, bacon – and there are those who favor a certain dish or entree. But the eaters who list “breakfast” as the all-encompassing category to which they own their edible allegiance are maybe among the most serious of the whole bite-seeking bunch of us.

Blu Jam Cafe Is Coming To Downtown’s Spring Arcade Building

fullscreen The uber-popular Melrose Avenue brunch spot Blu Jam Cafe is expanding to downtown L.A., with an outpost slated to open at the Spring Arcade Building in the former BierBeisl spot. “I see the location as an oasis in downtown,” Kamil Majer, owner and founder of Blu Jam Cafe, told LAist.

Blu Jam Cafe crafts daily brunch inside Downtown’s Spring Arcade

Downtown’s brunch game is getting elevated thanks to AM heavy hitter Blu Jam Cafe, which is set to open inside the Spring Arcade on Tuesday, June 6. The local chain already boasts half a dozen outlets from Melrose to Woodland Hills to Tarzana to Tokyo, Japan.

Calabasas Style Magazine

Calabasas Style Magazine, Kamil Majer, Chef, Owner, Blu Jam Casfe

The imposing figure carefully overseeing all of the perfect culinary creations at Blu Jam Cafe seems more like an Olympic wrestling athlete than a star chef at first. But I am quickly convinced that Chef Kamil’s sport is cooking.


LA Direct

LA Direct, Kamil Majer, Chef, Owner, Blu Jam Casfe

Unlike Seinfeld’s fictional ‘Soup Nazi,’ LA’s real-life soup expert is generous, attentive and always smiling. Blu Jam Café’s Kamil Majer plays triple threat. . .


Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Daily News, Kamil Majer, Chef, Owner, Blu Jam Casfe

When you eat breakfast and lunch at Blu Jam Café, it’s hard not to wonder what dinner would be like. Of course, all you can do is wonder because only breakfast and lunch are served at Blu Jam. But each of those meals is packed with dishes so substantial. . .